Nuhn Forage is a Canadian company that is 100% focused on forage. Providing farmers with a complete line of hay and straw preservatives, forage applicators and hay accessories, Nuhn Forage represents the 4th generation involved in the Canadian agricultural industry. Located near Stratford, Ontario, our products are available through dealers all across Canada and select areas in the US.


nuhn forage - our story

Nuhn Forage Inc. is a 100% forage focused company offering a complete line of preservatives, applicators and hay accessories to forage growers in Canada, United States, Australia, and China.

Nuhn Forage Inc. manufactures, packages and distributes hay preservatives, including 'The Juice,' all at our site located just outside of Stratford. This allows us the ability to oversee our products from start to finish. Nuhn Forage is recognized as an industry leader in hay preservatives which is supported by our extensive knowledge.

Nuhn Forage Inc. is a family grown business. In 1984, Darnell & Gloria Nuhn founded Nuhn Bio-Tech Corp. This small business venture was an opportunity to develop something completely new in the local agricultural community and became one of the largest preservative producers and distributors in Ontario.
In 2012, Nuhn Forage Inc. was established by Darnell & Gloria's children; Terry and Abbey Nuhn which represents the 4th generation of the Nuhn Family to be in the Canadian ag industry.

Nuhn Forage Inc. quickly expanded across Canada and into north eastern United States to become one of the most sought after hay preservatives on the market.